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  • Enthusiastic, competent, driven and self-motivated postdoc fellow having specialization in Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling, highly capable of identifying the physical principles of a process, abstracting a representative mathematical model, implementing a custom numerical solution, or identifying a commercial equivalent and validating the model with experimental data to be applied to drive innovation in key technology areas including water treatment membrane module and system design.

  • Possesses 7 years of experience and skillset in developing and applying models in area of fluid mechanics and transport, in areas such as multiphase modeling, granular flow, or combustion. Has expertise in Computational Languages including Transport modeling on platforms such as Ansys Fluent or OpenFOAM, MatLab, Python, C/C++ and high performance computing. Holds strong ability and interest to work on applications driven abstract problems and develop creative out-ofthe box solutions along with strong written and oral communication skills.

  • Possesses the basic knowledge about development of Custom Models (Fluent UDFs, OpenFOAM), Cold flow experimentation, process scale-up experience understanding the impact of scale on unit operations/commercial-scale embodiment/design; experienced with hybrid modeling (i.e: PINNs, AI/ML). Proficient in unit operations (distillation, decomposition, dissolving, absorption, drying), mass transfer, transport phenomena and distillation tray design


CFD | Fluid Dynamics | Computational Fluid Dynamics | Boundary Layer Theory | Finite Element Analysis| Computational Mechanics | Finite Volume Method | Separation Processes | Data Analysis and Visualization | Operator Training Simulation | Troubleshooting Processes | Technical Analysis | ANSYS Fluent | OpenFOAM | 3D Studio Max | ANSYS Mechanical | ANSYS Electrical | ANSYS Composite | Communication Skills | Teamwork | Leadership | Creativity | Problem Solving


  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering | GPA: 3.9/4.0 | December 2021 Colorado State University, CO, Specialization: Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling Relevant Courses: Advanced Separation Process | Transport Phenomena Fundamentals | Thermodynamics

  •  B.S. in Chemical Engineering | September 2014 Shanghai University


Postdoctoral Fellow Colorado State University April 2022 – Present

  • Diligently investigated and characterized the Dean flow and Dean vortices in an open channel pond system to identify the hydrodynamic characteristics of the swirling motion and enhance the turbulent persistence length by 80%.

CFD Modelling Group Leader Colorado State University March 2015 – December 2021

  • Effectively implemented a CFD solver for 3D, turbulent, multiphase, and isothermal reaction flow coupled with particle tracking under open-Foam framework, carried out on a high-end HPC.

  • Modeled fluid flow of an open pond and a photo-bioreactor to understand the light environment and microalgae movements using CFD tool with VOF, DPM, and LES model.

  • Thoroughly investigated and characterized the Dean flow and Dean vortices in an open channel pond system to identify the hydrodynamic characteristics of the swirling motion.

  • Capably led the mathematical modeling group of a $3.2M DOE project grant to model the turbulent nutrients mass transfer in a photo-bioreactor for microalgae cultivation.

  • Efficiently collaborated in a CDC project to investigate the aerodynamically characteristics of ventilation hoods to improve the design and understand the impact of an upwind human body.



Research & Development Intern Transfar Group Co., Ltd. September 2013 – August 2014

  • Skillfully developed the recipe of a ferri ion induced gel for fast radiation detection.

  • Competently designed a wireless liquid reporting system and implemented the source code for the microcontroller to monitor the liquid level inside a raffinate container.


  • Designed, fabricated the body, and implemented the associate algorithm of a pygmy flowmeter and the calibration device to measure the flow velocity in an open pond system.

  • Designed and implemented a 4-DOF ballistic calculator program and optimized projectile simulation to win a small-bore sharpshooting contest.




  • Shake Culler Scholarship

  • College of Engineering Scholarship

  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Scholarship

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