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Committed to Excellence

I am a capable and result-driven doc fellow with having specialization in Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling. Hold strong technical acumen in solving technical issues, improving quality, assisting the design team, preparing CDS reports, taking part in team meetings, and providing design engineering services. Have demonstrated engineering expertise, CFD knowledge, problem-solving orientation, attention to detail, good communication skills, and time management.


I am a highly skilled, energetic, and meticulous engineer Possesses 7 years of experience and skill set in developing and applying models in the area of fluid mechanics and transport, in areas such as multiphase modeling, granular flow, or combustion. Has expertise in Computational Languages including Transport modeling on platforms such as Ansys Fluent or OpenFOAM, MatLab, Python, C/C++ and high-performance computing. Holds strong ability and interest to work on applications-driven abstract problems and develop creative out-of-the box solutions along with strong written and oral communication skills.


Specialties: CFD | Fluid Dynamics | Computational Fluid Dynamics | Boundary Layer Theory | Finite Element Analysis| Computational Mechanics | Finite Volume Method | Separation Processes | Data Analysis and Visualization | Operator Training Simulation | Troubleshooting Processes | Technical Analysis | ANSYS Fluent | OpenFOAM | 3D Studio Max | ANSYS Mechanical | ANSYS Electrical | ANSYS Composite

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