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open channel pond systems

Raceway ponds are widely used as cost-efficient and easy-to-set-up outdoor algal cultivation systems. Growth rates strongly depend on cumulative light exposure, which can be predicted using accurate computational fluid dynamics simulations of the ponds’ dynamics. Of particular importance in computing the three-dimensional velocity field is the vertical component responsible for transporting cells between light and dark regions.   velocity regions and dead zones, as well as their time-accumulated volume fraction, are investigated.

Stirred Tank

In this case, a cylindrical tank stirred with a baffle is simulated. It is done using the Moving Reference Frame (MRF) under the ANSYS Fluent framework

Dynamic mesh

This case shows the deformation and remesh of a cylinder with 4 baffles inside it. The deformation ensures a quality mesh at all the time steps.

Bubble Dynamic

Bubble simulation using Finite Element method with DEALII library. Air is injected from the bottom. Modified from Manuel Quezada de Luna's code.

Photobioreactor simulation

With this project, a photobioreactor stirred by a magnetic stirrer is simulated. The simulation is 3D, isothermal, multiphase, turbulent (uRANS model), coupled with DPM model.

The Karman Vortex Street is simulated for Re=300. The simulation utilizes the URANS turbulence model.

Head transfer from a fin array

The simulation shows the velocity field at a horizontal cross-section of a fin array. The flow is turbulent and the large eddy simulation is used to model the trubulence.

Capillary flow

The capillary flow is simulated under the ANSYS fluent framework. The fluid is sucked from the reservoir under the surface tension.

Particle tracking

The particle tracking is achieved using the discrete phase model (DPM). The particles' motion is predicted b solving  the equation of motion.

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Design of a pygmy flow meter

The pygmy flow meter is constructed with a propeller. The local velocity results in the rotation of the propeller and the RPM is measured with a Hall sensor inside the flow meter. The RPM is logged to a laptop via serial communication.

Mandelbrot fractal

The Mandelbrot fractal: z(0)=0; z(n+1)=z(n)^2+c, where z and c are defined in the complex space. The program will zoom in at a random point until it exceeds the precision of the floating number is visualized on a microcontroller unit. The source code is posted on


My Story

Since 2016, I’ve been joined the chemical and biological engineering department at colorado state university as a ph.D. candidate. My particular interest is solving engineering problems using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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